It's Your Home.  It Matters.

When we started this journey ten years ago, as architects we constantly strove to identify solutions to issues that truly mattered to our clients. Over the years, over hundreds of homes, we continually came back to this core purpose—help people create a home that speaks to them personally, that caters to their lifestyle, that truly is their own...but how to do it reliably? efficiently? affordably? Out of this challenge, the C2C Process was born—we found by standardizing our efforts and distilling the breadth of our experience in a systematic way, we could not only design and build homes faster and more economically, but we could create designs that captured the personality and values of our clients and build homes that they loved to live in. Every time.


The C2C Home Process Changes the Way You Look at Modern Homes in Hawaii.
It Might Just Change the Way you Live in Them Too.

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